Meet Val Haraszthy from Haraszthy Family Winery

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A few years ago, while in Sonoma, our Wine & Spirits directors met Val at a mutual friends winery. Since then we’ve been proud and fortunate to offer Haraszthy Family Cellars who specialize exclusively in the production of hand crafted Zinfandels.

Val’s story is pretty unique in the wine business and began six generations ago in Sonoma, CA.  Val’s two great-great grandfathers are well-known California pioneers and historic Sonoma legends. Read the rest of this entry »

Sendik’s Hand-Selected Bourbon Available for Father’s Day

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Everyday we work to have the absolute best products readily available. When it comes to whiskey, we offer something a little different and something you’ll only find in a few select locations in the world. We’re talking about our Single Barrel Selections from the land of bourbon.

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Sendik’s New American Amber Lager

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Sendik's American Amber Lager
Starting tomorrow (Thursday July 14th) there will be a new addition to the Sendik’s beer line: The Sendik’s American Amber. We have been wanting to release a new beer for a while now and have worked with Milwaukee Brewing Company again because we liked what they did on our first beer, the White Shark Wheat. The project started last Fall when we decided to try for a style of beer that was highly approachable and yet had a little bit more hop presence than the White Shark Wheat. Read the rest of this entry »

Koval Distillery

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Kothe Still

In the midst of the new craft distilling movement there are producers truly seeking to create something distinctive; I heard of a whiskey house in Chicago named Koval and I had to visit with husband/wife distillers Richard and Sonia to find out if they were producing something special. Read the rest of this entry »

New Sendik’s White Shark Wheat Craft Beer

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Sendik's White Shark Wheat Craft Beer

Here’s the long and the short… whether or not you even like beer, you’re going to love Sendik’s White Shark Wheat. So the truth might vary from time to time, but we really did set out to make a beer that you, our customer, would love and find irresistibly priced. Sounds easy? Well, it took us a while…. After all our trials and tribulations and 5 years of drinking beer (some good, some we’re happy you’ll never have to know of) we’re proud to offer you our very own Sendik’s White Shark Wheat Beer. Read the rest of this entry »

Chili & Wine – A Winter Romance

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First and foremost, beer is often thought of as chili’s “classic” partner. Guinness tops that list, but be on the lookout for a new Baltic Porter from our friends at Milwaukee Brewing Company (it’s not available yet, but more on this in upcoming blogs).

This time of year we are often asked, “what wines should I pair with chili?” Read the rest of this entry »

4-Day Mega Wine & Spirits Sale

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It’s that time of the year… to PARTY!

In anticipation of all the partying we see you doing over the next few weeks we’ve put together a mother of all sales for you to stock up and save BIG on all your Wine & Spirits needs. Read the rest of this entry »


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I just got back from an outstanding trip to Munich Germany for their famed Oktoberfest.

Here are a few fun facts of what I learned about the event and its history. Read the rest of this entry »

Chilean Adventure

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Flag of Chile

Welcome to Sendik’s wine blog.  Here we hope to entertain with insider info to what’s happening in the world of wine.  Appropriately, I find myself clean and showered in Cochulgua Valley, Chile after an overnight flight to Santiago yesterday.  Needless to say Chile has been a major player in the wine world for some time.  And while I’ve always hoped of making this trip, the timing now couldn’t be better considering our economy and the wine choices we’re seeing our customers make (presumable because of the economic climate).  However with the exceptional value of so many wines under $10, it’s easy to see why this category is doing so well. Read the rest of this entry »

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