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Introducing Sendik’s All-Natural Cakes & Cupcakes

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As you might be able to tell from my blogs, I try to be informed about my food and make healthy choices.  So I’m excited to tell you about our newest bakery initiative!

We take great pride in continuing to find ways of making the best grocery shopping experience even better, and we’re very excited to now offer our guests all-natural cakes. These new Sendik’s cakes and cupcakes are preservative and chemical free, so all you’ll taste is the natural goodness of the best ingredients. With the use of 100 percent all-natural products, the frosting tastes even richer and the cake even more deliciously moist than before.

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5 Days of Savings

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Our 5-Day Wine, Spirits & Beer Sale started today, which means it’s a great time to look at my stock of wine at home.  Our Wine & Spirits team works hard to put together a great event with sales on many of our guest’s favorite products.  And if you see a bottle of wine that isn’t on sale, you can still take 15% off during the event on any regularly priced $15 to $50 bottle.

Since the sale falls so close to Easter, I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to talk to our Wine & Spirits team about their recommended wines for the holiday.

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Celebrating 65 years in Whitefish Bay

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Our Whitefish  Store is turning 65, so we’re throwing a party this Saturday, April 12, to celebrate!  Along with amazing deals throughout the store, check out the schedule of events we have planned:

  • 10am-3pm- Enjoy $2 Sendik’s Italians and $2 Bacon Cheddar Burgers from the grill (weather permitting)

  • 10am-12pm- Watch balloon artist Peter John design amazing balloon creations

  • 10:30am-11:30am- Enjoy jazz music by the Christian Fox Trio
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A Nutritional Partnership

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When it comes to my food, I’m a label reader.  I like to know how much is in a serving and the amount of protein and calories I’m consuming.  I feel that I’m able to make health-conscious food decisions by taking the time to read nutritional labels.

That’s why I’m excited to share a new community partnership between Sendik’s and UW-Milwaukee’s Nutritional Sciences program. In the next couple of days, we will be able to offer nutritional information on select Sendik’s deli items. Registered dietitians at UWM will provide the analyses.

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Trying out the new Flatzza!

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I love local, and I love trying out new products so I jumped on the chance to try Angelic Bakehouse‘s new Flattza.  It’s primarily made of sprouted grains, and it can be used as a flatbread or a pizza.  It’s made with only the purest ingredients, it’s non-GMO and is free of any artificial sweeteners, fats and preservatives.  And I love that it’s made right here in Milwaukee by a local company.

We were craving a pizza on Monday night, so I decided to make a margaherita pizza.  I picked up a pack of Flatzza (2 come in each package), fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, spinach, pizza sauce and shredded Italian cheeses.  I preheated the oven to 420 degrees and layered everything but the fresh basil on the pizza.  I sprinkled garlic, oregano and fennel on top and placed it in the oven, baking the pizza until the crust was crisp and golden and the cheese was melted. When it was out of the oven, I drizzled it with Sendik’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and topped it with the fresh basil.  The photo above was the end result.

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April Cheese of the Month: Sartori Limited Edition Canella BellaVitano

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Origin: Plymouth, WI

Milk: Cow’s Milk

Variety: American Original

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Play Ball!

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It’s officially Brewer’s season, and I’m so happy about it!  Nothing beats sunshine, the smell of the grills and the feeling of the season’s first baseball game.   

So many times I’ve been at a Brewers game and have heard a kid yell “Play Ball!” before the start of a game.  I never knew how the child was selected to do this… until now. Beginning today, Sendik’s is again partnering with Klement’s for The “Play Ball” Kid.  

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A Field Trip of Cake Decorating

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I was excited to write today’s blog. It involved cake!  And a fun field trip to McKinley Elementary School in Wauwatosa where students, where participating in High Interest Day.  This is a day where students attend a workshop or education session on a topic that is of high interest to them.   Sound cool?  Well, it certainly is!  Kids could pick from topics such as beekeeping, the Wisconsin State Fair, The Humane Society or numerous sports with Wauwatosa West High School Athletics, just to name a few.  I swung by to check out the Cake Decorating course.

Cake Decorating has been well attended by the McKinley students in years past, and we were so glad to be included in such a popular session.   Sign-up for this session filled up so fast that extra sessions had to be added.  Diane, the Cake Decorator at our Wauwatosa store, stepped up to the challenge of leading five sessions, each with 18 third through fifth-graders, on how to decorate a mini-cake.  She brought a mini cake for each student, 20 tubs of sprinkles, 18 1-lb containers of frosting and decorations to place on the cakes.

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Stocking Up on Good Deals

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I love saving money, and I always take pride in the deals I find.  My friends know that I’m the person to turn to when it comes to finding an awesome bargain at the mall or knowing where the best happy hours are.  The same goes with groceries.

So I’m very excited about our Stock-Up Sale that begins today.  For one week, we’re able to offer incredible deals on products throughout the store.  And the sale expands beyond grocery– you can find deals in other departments including Wine & Spirits, Produce and Bakery.  Many of these products are stock-up worthy, hence the term “stock-up sale.”  So clever, aren’t we?

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Celebrating 10 years at Wauwatosa!

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Our Wauwatosa Store is turning 10, so we’re throwing a party tomorrow to celebrate!  Along with amazing deals throughout the store, check out the schedule of events we have planned:

  • 10am-3pm- Enjoy $2 Sendik’s Italians and $2 Bacon Cheddar Burgers from the grill

  • 10:30am- Enjoy music from the Wauwatosa West High School Band

  • 11am- Join us for a celebratory cake cutting & meet Sendik’s new mascot, Baggie!

  • 11am-1pm- Receive a custom design from face painter Suzy Sparkles

  • 1-3pm- Be entertained by Lolipop the Clown and her balloon creations

  • 3-5pm- The Caribbean Eclipse Duo will perform

Our Tosa store is my neighborhood store, and I love it.  I feel like I’m always running into someone familiar there.  In October, 2013, the store completed a remodel that included expanded bakery and deli departments, a salad bar, more hand-selected produce and much more.  If you haven’t seen it yet, come check it out tomorrow!

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